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Monday, January 21, 2013

Beach Ballet

Planning 2013! Living creatively 
Most of all being me and sharing my creative process as an artist.

I wanted to start Blogging again for its such a great sharing tool. Although i am certainly not a writer i love taking  photos and sharing the images .
So for my first blog I wanted to share with you a few beach photos of two very special "Beach Ballerinas" i love and care for.
The thing is, at my holiday spot (where my husband Matt has built us the most amazing beach cabin) I always seem to attract a million kids, hanging out with me. I believe its because im totally on their level, more so than adults!
 I love the innocence of kids and I could sit and watch how they interact with each other for hours.I love how children and kids freely express themselves and dont jugde each other, if they no longer want to hang out or play they simply walk away - no explanation needed and no judgement is made!
So i was looking at my two adorbale ballerinas and thought why not paint faces dress up like tribal hippy's and have some fun on the beach!
so thats what we did
Because we can!

I also get the chance to show off my latest wrap bracelets and tablecloth tops I have been stitching together ;)
You can do anything you want in this life, nothing is stopping you from thinking alittle outside from the everyday lifestyle grabbing your camera and finding a natural location where you feel inspired.
I was grateful that my two girls are dancers and that they to wanted to share with me their gifts, so I hope you enjoy the images, their intention is all about living creatively  being yourself.
They are a representation of honest fun something that money cant always buy you.

I will ask that none of these photos are be reproduced, i am a firm believer in karma so  this is wholeheartedly up to you.

Enjoy and be inspired!
I urge you to get creative with friends and have fun on the beach! 
Dress up and always laugh out loud!


  1. Holly, this is awesome. Your photos are great as are the models. Congrats.

  2. hellloooooo Patti - Its been too long! I know you are doing well - Take care sister <3