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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Ruffled Choker

You will need a sewing machine
unless you have the patience of
a saint! 

The fabric I used was Silk that I found
at the op shop - Yes I found Silk
fabric in a bright yellow
amongst the fabrics
in an op shop!

This Piece cost me all of
 a few bucks!

So take a strip of fabrics  however thick you 
want the choker to be and the length 
must fit around your neck.

the edges for sewing and
iron a fold down the centre.

Once folded sew along the edges,
then attach your velcro
at either ends.

be sure that the velcro it placed on correctly
once your fabric is wrapped around your neck
the velcro should match up correctly
so the fuzzy bit sticks to the scratchier bit!!!

So now all you have is a perfect
velcro piece that wraps around your neck.

Now gather another strip of your
 fabric and wind it up like a flower
it should look like this

add your centre circles from another piece
of fabric
They dont have to be the same colour!

Sew on your beads

I dangled some shimmering vintage beads for a shabby
old time style.
Remember to use your own imagination
This is just a basic design and it creates itself
as it goes along!

you can use any fabric and any colour and any kind of
beads or buttons or sea shells.

i finished the piece of professionally hiding my
stitches at the back with a black piece
of felt.
I tacked this on with some hidden stitches.
you can glue it also.


Individual, not to over the top like most of my designs!
I liked this piece on the side so as I went along
I kept looking and holding it up to my neck
to see if it was working and it was.

Heres another one I created from an
already purchased flower and some
recycled pop beads.

Whats running through your head???

What could you do that is similar??

have fun be you.
be free,


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  1. Love that sunshine yellow choker Holl! Good to see you back blogging my sweet xoxo


    gotta share its helping myself grow as an artist as well :)