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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Felt Headband Tutorial - DIY

You will need felt pieces of fabric


Or head bands
In this tutorial I have used elastic

Buttons or beads or both!

Scissors, needle and thread,
beads or buttons, hot glue gun.

cut out some circles

Make flower shapes
and layer them with smaller circles 

sew on your beads or buttons or both!

                                      stitch them with a tacking stitch into place

I also thought i wanted some leaves
at the sides of the flowers.
So I added them with a few stitches. 

Once you have the shape tacked with your stitches 
trace around your shape
onto another piece of felt

mine looked like this

i sign my headbands
with my signature
but this is up to you - you could
place your label onto the back if you wanted to?

Sew your elastic to the size of your head
then hot glue your two pieces of felt onto the elastic.
I used my sewing machine
to sew the elastic together but you can hand sew
the ends together.

place the hot glue inside the  felt cut outs/

It should turn out something like this!

My Daughter Loves them too.

I love using recycled fabrics for headbands as well 
Where will your imagination take you???

Have fun
Be free
be you.

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