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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paper Flower Hanger DIY

For this DIY  I used a  laser print of my 
Important: When creating the flower
the paper you use must be quite heavy.
you could glue some magazine pages together
or use heavy gsm art paper or lightweight card stock.

I glued the folds together with hot glue
to then create the circle.

I also used my left over painted canvas
to create the petals
and used some beautiful hand made
fabric beads from my gorgeous
friend Patti :)

And there you have it
a creative flower hanging.
very artistic and unique for a wall.

Currently this one I have made is for sale!
heres the link if you would like to purchase it


have fun
be free'
always dance
& lol


  1. Brilliant! they look great with the vibrant colours..........their a step ahead of the boring brown paper ones I made.

  2. hi CArol
    they take alot longer than the brown ones and they most certainly are not boring! I loved your ones. Cant wait to see you today!