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Friday, January 25, 2013

The BUsh fires Goats head Cow garden!!!!!

As we all know Australia is a hot country and most
years in our Summer season we get
massive bush fires.

It was a close call for my family and I,
for we almost had to make our way to the beach.

On the phone with my  step dad John who
is high up in the brigade, his words still send chills down my spine
"can you see the fire, can you smell it, 
what way is the wind blowing?"

The wind ended up changing direction
and we were saved.

It was as simple as that!

That"s mother nature for you!

So I ended up expressing how I felt about the
fire in a painting.

Most of you know Im always painting and 
re painting over my paintings so this will
probably happen, its just a release of emotions
that needed to escape.

its such an amazing Blissful area of white
 sands and beaches  so the aqua
represents the beautiful
beach water.

I couldnt help but out the corner of my
eye I kept staring at on my headpieces
that i had sewn from tall grass.
I ended up pasting it down
with no more gaps!

Loaded with texture. i stuck down some papers
that had musical notes to them and painted over the
tops of them in black ink.

After all a bushfire dances like a musical orchestra!

Its almost looks  like  a grass fire!

I also wanted to post my jewellery
stand that I made from a goats head.
My nephew lives on acreage and I paid him
money to walk around his property
collecting me skulls!

I love it!
I attatched the head to an old
lamp base and sprayed the
entire piece black.

With the other cow heads
i strung them in my husbands vertical
garden that he made for me.

Loven those heads!

Another idea for your garden is to  add
burnt out pieces of old trees.

Freaky! but sooooo cool!
I love them.

This is my painting turned upside down.
It can turned any which way to please
the eye.
its abstract so it can be anything
and go any way.

Its great to hang your
jewellery on.
The goats head jewellery stand
designed by Hollyeva!!!!

I could see these heads
in the top galleries for millions of
 dollars in all different colours -

Love it.
Always dream big and honour your imagination.

Share the joy and be yourself.

keep following my blog.......
I have so many more things to share with you........


  1. so much beauty on your blog! thanks for sharing all of the inspiration!


  2. Wow! Your bush fire painting is fabulous and full of energy. So glad you are all safe.
    Enjoyed visiting your blog!

  3. thanks Juliette and Kim its about giving ;) xxx