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Monday, January 21, 2013

The funky T - DIY

You will need a t-shirt and a pair
of scissors!

Please excuse the Crinkles - 
we were away on holidays when 
this DIY was

My Niece and I went on a Vinnies
Shopping spree and we looked in the
Mens  t-shirt section
Check out what we found!

Turning the t-shirt up side down
cut out the arms

Its super easy!!!!

I used the bottom cut  off
piece as a headband!

LOL I think Mr Zebra looks like
my niece!
We were in fits of laughter!!!

We kept the henleys T
with a boxed look, otherwise
we would have cut the
branding off.

Loved the Octopus find!

And finally the everlast T.
You can also wrap the excess cuts
and use them as a wrist band!


If your a dancer these tops are great to
 wear to your hip hop class with a pair of
baggy shorts or tracksuit pants!

So these T's at the moment are all the rage
with the teens - And they are super cheap and super
Easy  to make- 
For the love of Vinnies and op shops
 get styling for as little as $3.50!!!

The wilder the T the funkier you will be!

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