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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Being Messy using instinct.

Being Messy Using Instinct:

In a childlike way kids are fearless,
when it comes to expressing themselves.

its about fun and exploration.

Kids are not worried about who may be 
watching them nore
are they concerned with the
outcome of their painting.

They use their instinct to make marks,
without any cares

I learn so much from children painting.


And somehow kids always have a balance about their work.

I had to join in the fun as well!

Let go.
be Loose.
free yourself up from your head
and always follow your heart.


i hope you will join me in my 
"Big Paint"
Art Workshop
see details on my website:
and head on over to the events tab.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, February 25, 2013



I have been creating these beautiful and fun
mini statemnets
for those out there
that like more of my 
"everyday " pieces.

The necklaces have been designed for really 
easy wearing pieces of everyday jewellery.

I wanted it to still have the
 Hollyeva "stand out " factor about them 
 so they are still very unique 
and not found anywhere in the jewellery shops.

The beads are from all pieces of unwanted
 jewellery and I also have parts of my paintings in them,
 parts of canvas have been fixed 
together to create a handmade bead.

It also makes a wonderful gift for someone special.

If you are interested in buying one
 follow the link at the bottom
of this page
and i am giving


to all my wonderful

Have fun ;)


OR go to


follow the link on my website to "shop".

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Going going gone!

At one of my photo shoots
"tribal freedom"
 I asked
one of my models to
go and hang out near the rocks.
Would really love that earthy
tribal freedom feeling.

So she did

Ah HOlly theres a pretty 
big wave coming
She said - 

I then replied
you'll be fine!



completely drenched

and not just one

 but two waves!

Going going gone again!


Im outta here!

 it was quite funny,
My model did not get injured 
what so ever - 
this is Australia for you.

We got the shot we were looking for!

Thanks to my gorgeous Model Ayla
my team  of HMUS
Jessica and Simone
and to my photographer
Anthony Langlois
Glimpse photography.

My team can be found on my facebook page,
 so please feel free to contact me regarding photo shoots.

have a beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Searching for Clarity - Reasons why i paint

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding."
-- Khalil Gibran
My search for CLARITY
 I Paint to open up emotions that I feel. I paint emotions so I can understand them. Painting to me is like a discovery of who I am and what’s going on inside. I don’t paint words I paint in colours and use lines and shapes that are an expression of the visual world that has no words. This is what I see constantly wherever I go, line ,colour and shape. This is what I am attracted to – the balance.
I paint my emotions. I can then look at them with another set of eyes instead of being connected and attached to them this enables me to then look at them for what they are and to de- tatch.  As I move my canvas around and stand back and see it from a calm perspective whats actually going on inside of me I get clarity of who I am as a person and what I need to do with these emotions. Usually its all about letting them go and life takes care of itself.
When I paint I like to paint fearlessly, childlike and vulnerable.  This is my strength. This is what I like sharing with others in my workshops.
When I paint I can see where my life is at now. I get taken to my core. “I’m in the zone” like so many say!.
My whole life I have loved being creative and I have loved illustrations and pictures and paintings. I adored doing craft reading child like story books and making things from the heart. I particularly fell in love with artists like Ken done and Eric carle and the great Picasso. I loved Mambo and hot tuna growing up as a teenager.
Some paintings I paint are not always open they are still closed still wanting to be something they are not - still trying to “fit in” and get a name in the art world – to be accepted by galleries to be so called recognised by others the fame the fortune the greed the struggle the ongoing saga- my paintings allow me to see all of this this and they speak to me.
“How do they speak to me?” I can feel it, a feeling of not quite getting there sometimes or a feeling of dishonesty - that i have been dis honest with myself. I havn’t expressed myself in its true form and that’s why after a painting there is sometimes dissapointment.
I have realised that my paintings only need to satisfy my own desire. I no longer need to compare them with others. This is where the true freedom is this is what my aim is to share with others. This is the clarity of where I am going. To full fill yourself with you and your own personal journey. When your full you can fill others up.
To paint with wings of freedom strapped to my back to let go ,to love, to stand in my personal truth, completely honouring my imagination for what it is and to most of all accept the outcome, be it black blue pink or white green grey or yellow. Accept life at its best and worst.
This is the life journey of hollyeva
Clarity statement
“ I will continue to paint and to pour out emotions from the heart in a childlike innocent and vulnerable way. I will stay focused and real . I will accept whatever the outcome may be and to always follow the instincts of thy own true self. I no longer need to worry about fame and fortune this may come in its own form, it may be in the form of receiving love from others. What’s important is the connection between us all as human beings.
I no longer feel the need to fit in, I will continue teaching others the beauty about self expression with paint and I will learn from the people around me. I will remember to always keep dropping my gaurd and allowing the love in. This is Hollyevas Clarity, this is why self expression is important to me.”

My art workshops are now also listed on my website www.hollyeva.com

Monday, February 18, 2013

Doing what makes your heart sing???

Good day everyone!

What is it that makes your heart sing? really sing?
What is it that feels naturally good, naturally great?

Are you tapping into that and if so how many times per day or week or months?

I ask myself all the time - "Am i on the right track, what is it that life wants me to do?"

If there was no money in this world and I was free to choose absolutely anything at all to do on a daily basis as part of my routine what would this be???

Really what would it be????


here goes ------

I would teach women arts and crafts. We would gather on a daily basis, talk about our troubles, support each other be there for each other not too mention loose our minds in crafting.
We share our crafts with our children. We would display our crafts and inspire others to craft. Some days we would paint other days we would bead. This would make my heart sing.

I have been fortunate enough to know whats important in life. i know if I dont follow my passions part of myself dies like a plant not getting enough water.

I urge you to sit in silence and ask yourself what would you be doing  if there was no  money as a way of life?

What is it that you love that you feel good about that makes you feel complete and important and special?
What makes your heart sing? Is it cooking? running? caring for others? Bird watching? fishing? bike riding? sewing?  inventing things? Swimming? dancing? meeting people?

How often are you doing this in your life?
Can you start incorperating this in your life?
whats stopping you?
whats holding you back?
Whats the one thing you feel relieved when you do it?
What are you drawn to?
What do you naturally attract to like a magnet?

Honour yourself. honour your thoughts. get close to whats making your heart sing, feel the rush and the natural pull.
do what you love even if its only once a week.

I came across this video by bluebicicletta.com  and it makes my heart sing. Enjoy!

Cut and paste this link below

Friday, February 15, 2013

If something catches your eye....

I love Nature .

i passed this stick a few times
as I went on my morning walk.

On day three I decided to pick it up.

Its now a hanging stand for my

Im in love!

If something catches your eye
act upon your instinct.

keep diving into yourself and
returning to your own nature.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Go your own way

You can go your own way!
Go your own way
You can call it another lonely day
Another Lonely day
You can go your own way!
Go your own way
fleetwood Mac

Steppin out with a few recycled tops!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Driftwood Necklace

I like to class my self as a creative artist
creating unusual necklaces
from natural materials.

I have seen so many driftwood creations
so i thought of designing a necklace
from driftwood.

This is my final piece and it was used in collaboration
with a beautiful soul Amanda Ryan.
Her collection and label is called

This label is one to check out if you haven't already
Its Amandas Story that I fell in love with
and we ended up meeting.

Our journey together is not yet over, we are meeting
this weekend for another styling collaboration
which i'm sure will be Wild!

you can find Amandas story here

Remember to always take the chance in design.
Don't ever limit yourself and your imagination.

Let your imagination flow.

What is it that you can come up with????


BE you.
have Fun.

Honour your imagination :)

Friday, February 8, 2013


 “All that we are

 is the result of what we have thought. 

The mind is everything. 

What we think we become.” Buddah.

Its the same with creating  things, What i have seen through
 Nature gets locked inside
my mind and it can sometimes
be a reflection of  what I have seen touched smelt
and adored.


“There are only two mistakes 
one can make along 
the road to truth; 
not going all the way, 
and not starting.” buddah