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Monday, February 4, 2013

DIY BIB necklace

This is a really easy DIY necklace!

Cut out 2 pieces of Felt in a bib shape.
On one piece sew on some lace
Add your ties for an adjustable neck tie
Sew on beads buttons and flowers
with your other piece of felt hot glue it onto 
the back to cover all your messy stitches

This was an entry for a magazine a while ago 
and you had to send off the necklace 
along with the DIY. I never got it returned to me ;(
Oh well I hope someone is enjoying my bib necklace!

Let your imagination go and have fun with this

Use my DIY as a guide and re-tell your own story.

this is a basic DIY on how to create a bib style
statement neck piece.

have fun!


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