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Monday, February 18, 2013

Doing what makes your heart sing???

Good day everyone!

What is it that makes your heart sing? really sing?
What is it that feels naturally good, naturally great?

Are you tapping into that and if so how many times per day or week or months?

I ask myself all the time - "Am i on the right track, what is it that life wants me to do?"

If there was no money in this world and I was free to choose absolutely anything at all to do on a daily basis as part of my routine what would this be???

Really what would it be????


here goes ------

I would teach women arts and crafts. We would gather on a daily basis, talk about our troubles, support each other be there for each other not too mention loose our minds in crafting.
We share our crafts with our children. We would display our crafts and inspire others to craft. Some days we would paint other days we would bead. This would make my heart sing.

I have been fortunate enough to know whats important in life. i know if I dont follow my passions part of myself dies like a plant not getting enough water.

I urge you to sit in silence and ask yourself what would you be doing  if there was no  money as a way of life?

What is it that you love that you feel good about that makes you feel complete and important and special?
What makes your heart sing? Is it cooking? running? caring for others? Bird watching? fishing? bike riding? sewing?  inventing things? Swimming? dancing? meeting people?

How often are you doing this in your life?
Can you start incorperating this in your life?
whats stopping you?
whats holding you back?
Whats the one thing you feel relieved when you do it?
What are you drawn to?
What do you naturally attract to like a magnet?

Honour yourself. honour your thoughts. get close to whats making your heart sing, feel the rush and the natural pull.
do what you love even if its only once a week.

I came across this video by bluebicicletta.com  and it makes my heart sing. Enjoy!

Cut and paste this link below

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