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Monday, February 25, 2013



I have been creating these beautiful and fun
mini statemnets
for those out there
that like more of my 
"everyday " pieces.

The necklaces have been designed for really 
easy wearing pieces of everyday jewellery.

I wanted it to still have the
 Hollyeva "stand out " factor about them 
 so they are still very unique 
and not found anywhere in the jewellery shops.

The beads are from all pieces of unwanted
 jewellery and I also have parts of my paintings in them,
 parts of canvas have been fixed 
together to create a handmade bead.

It also makes a wonderful gift for someone special.

If you are interested in buying one
 follow the link at the bottom
of this page
and i am giving


to all my wonderful

Have fun ;)


OR go to


follow the link on my website to "shop".

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