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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Going going gone!

At one of my photo shoots
"tribal freedom"
 I asked
one of my models to
go and hang out near the rocks.
Would really love that earthy
tribal freedom feeling.

So she did

Ah HOlly theres a pretty 
big wave coming
She said - 

I then replied
you'll be fine!



completely drenched

and not just one

 but two waves!

Going going gone again!


Im outta here!

 it was quite funny,
My model did not get injured 
what so ever - 
this is Australia for you.

We got the shot we were looking for!

Thanks to my gorgeous Model Ayla
my team  of HMUS
Jessica and Simone
and to my photographer
Anthony Langlois
Glimpse photography.

My team can be found on my facebook page,
 so please feel free to contact me regarding photo shoots.

have a beautiful weekend!

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