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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One thing leads to another....... ART

I was wanting to  explore with some squares.
One thing led to another and
I ended up creating a sign 
for my daughters room!

I didn't really know where it was all leading
it was like the art was 
guiding me!

ANYWAY - hers my process

I Cut out some squares
from my own painted papers
and I also used old unwanted 
story books and magazines.

I then felt like they all needed to be 
glued down in an orderly fashion

My art is messy and imperfect
so it was  a natural feel for me
to line them up neatly and glue them down.
this was the balance for me.

meanwhile my angel is painting me a seahorse
that is so AMAZINGLY
(but that's another story)

It was in need of a focal point 
something that was 
going to represent 
all of my coloured 
artistic squares so
 I cut out letters
to make slogans.

the slogan became

" dream out loud"

It represented all the colours that
were bursting off the page
they were my dreams.

Happy Dreams.

Filled with life.

The bright colours
 also created a 
sense of fearlessness 
in expressing myself.

Don't be afraid to 
burst out loud and 
share your BIG 
colourful dreams!!!

SO the next step was.......

because i wasnt really sure of the end product.......

I took my original piece 
of art and went into office 
works and asked for a Laser copy.

I normally embrace texture
but i felt
the artwork needed to
be calmed down a little 
and smoothed out!

So then it came about that
these ideas were to be
 framed quotations.

I placed a black border around this one
And it was a sign for my daughters bedroom.


this pink piece was 
done by using water 
colours and crayons i then 
transformed it into a laser copy.

Be like a flower bloom and grow is a popular quote!

I like this one due 
to not really noticing the
Slogan :
Love Lives here

All i see straight away 
is the V S R and the E
But Who cares!

Play. Explore.
be yourself.

Who knows what you might create!

if you would like any designs made similar to these ones swing me an email:

they look beautiful framed!

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