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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Driftwood Necklace

I like to class my self as a creative artist
creating unusual necklaces
from natural materials.

I have seen so many driftwood creations
so i thought of designing a necklace
from driftwood.

This is my final piece and it was used in collaboration
with a beautiful soul Amanda Ryan.
Her collection and label is called

This label is one to check out if you haven't already
Its Amandas Story that I fell in love with
and we ended up meeting.

Our journey together is not yet over, we are meeting
this weekend for another styling collaboration
which i'm sure will be Wild!

you can find Amandas story here

Remember to always take the chance in design.
Don't ever limit yourself and your imagination.

Let your imagination flow.

What is it that you can come up with????


BE you.
have Fun.

Honour your imagination :)

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