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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Noticing COLOURS

To affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence

I would have to say the perfect balance
that is in nature inspired me the most.

Living in Australia we are so totally blessed
to be able to visit world class beaches, well
that's how I feel about the Australian
coast line.

The colours
the Shapes
the lines
the detail
the balance

The imperfect yet perfect balance of
line shape and colour.

I love to play around with the rocks 
to create a collage
of colours and textures

i visualize how a necklace would look like
when there were no such thing as jewellery
components and findings!

 I love seaweed 
here's where I got my
inspiration from!

So I like to keep files of
inspiration and colour.

Aqua green and light brown
will go together as a beautiful colour
nature cant be wrong with its colours
so I'm always learning
combinations this way,

 Hello Mr Moth!

 G'day Mr Pelican!

Immediately I see the colour combo
of peachy pink Yellow black and white
with a touch of navy.

 Loven the texture here!
Its a Squiggly gum tree

 Sunsets of golden browns

Can you see a profile of a face
on the cliffs edge!
I see a nose and a huge bottom lip.

Adore this colour scheme!

Cal - Loven  his freedom!

 Beach graffitti!!

take your camera everywhere you go
when your attracted by colour
just take a picture and file it.

Notice the colours
Paint the colours
Play around with colours.
Experiment and things will happen!

When was the last time you took the time
in taking some photos of
something you love and
then really notice
the colours?

have fun :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Creating statements - think ALIVE!

From such a young age I  never liked
being the same as everyone. Its was 
boring to me. Some like blending in
with the crowd, in which i understand
but it has just never been me.

I am a creative artist.

i can see art in almost everything and my mind
is always thinking creatively.
It sometimes drives my family
mad and I have to steady up!

Colours excite my mind take me away 
my creative head space.

Most of you all know that
I am  very passionate about designing jewellery.
i love my accessories being the fashion.
Plain dress, statement necklace
that's me!

So here are some ideas to maybe think about when creating:

made from recycled doilies and fake florals.

Spray paint
wooden beads
for a modern tribal feel.

Fabric or Leather strands
I have added an old brooch
to the shag.

Wooden fish
Why not!
I have also used a
coaster that I have spray painted!

fake flowers are a fan of mine!

A recycled ruffled scarf
and I have thought about
clashing it with a pale pink floral
and some antique gold spray painted

Painted canvas and feathers.

Blind pullies!!!

yes I stumbled on some pink blind pulls!!!

Big fake leaf spray painted silver
 Incorporated into a head piece.

I saw these green leaves in a floral shop
they looked so tribal to me
so I bought them thinking
"how can i incorporate them"
and it worked!

I love driftwood
this collection was used for my
mate Amandas label

Very earthy and natural.

I also made this head piece for Amanda
I used the flowers that she had for her
wedding. they were in long strands
so i scrunched them together
and added long grass from a farm.

Sea shells.
Love sea shells.

Recycled rings.

Ribbon and wool.

Clothes , cut them up!

Butterfly wings
leaves and flowers can all be
bought from your local
flower shops.

Silk Tye


this is me and my sister
draping the jewels on!
ALIVE with colours!

More sea shells.

trims and chain.

My famous chief hula was made 
from a macrame belt and the
 head piece was made from
an old beach straw hat

 me again wearing a half choker .
this was a tutorial in
"Beading Australia magazine"

a cuff designed from parts of an old dress
and sequin beads.

So whatever it is that you FEEL you can design
do it.

Whatever  craft item it is your attracted to
buy them.
Always recycled and up-cycle!!!!

think about what you can use from the earth:
feathers sea shells grass and driftwood.

Loose yourself in your own imagination
and totally honour it.
Forget the outside world and
what other people want or expect

be yourself and you will
be amazed.

This year I am teaching in Australia
 Leichardt and Ulla dulla
so email me if you would like some information.

Have a wonderful day!